722 ST - 724 ST Horse Trailers

Horse trailer models 722 ST and 724 ST are both two-horse, straight load, all-aluminum bumper pull trailers with fully appointed dressing rooms. Designed specifically for large horses, these trailers, featuring a standard rear ramp, are a rugged, yet refined, solution for transporting your horses safely and comfortably.


  • Exiss-722-ST
  • Exiss-724-ST
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-01-SSF
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-02-SS
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-03-SSR
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-04-R
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-05-CSF
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-06-CS
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-07-CSR
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-08-R2
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-09-HA
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-10-DR
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-11-Escape-Door
  • Horse-Bumper-Pull-724-ST-12-Aluminum-Wheels
Coupler Type Bumper pull
Load Type Straight load
Trailer Width 7'0" width
Inside Height 7'8" inside height
Exterior Sides .040 white side sheets
Axles (2) 3,500 lbs. rubber torsion axles w/ electric brakes
Wheels Five 15” 6 hole aluminum wheels w/ 8 ply tires (includes spare)
Dressing Room 2' straight wall (722); 3'6" straight wall (724)
Horse Stalls 2H
Stall Width 39 3/4" stall width
Horse Area Walls Walls insulated; Rubber 48” high with lining above and aluminum kickplate
Horse Area Windows Streetside window w/ bars & screen; Streetside window in front of horse; Curbside window w/ bars & screen (722) / Streetside window w/ bars & screen, Curbside window w/ bars & screen (724)
Side Unload Door N/A
Side Access Doors One curbside access door with 19" x 26" window (722); Access doors with 18" x 24" window on curbside and streetside (724)
Butt/Breast Bars One padded aluminum butt bar and breast bar per stall
Rear Doors  Two top doors above ramp w/ 19" x 26" windows
Rear Ramp Spring-loaded rear ramp w/ safety cover
Roof Single piece aluminum roof w/ one roof vent per stall
Floor Extruded plank flooring w/ 2” x 4” I-beams on 16” centers
Floor Mats Lifetime rubber floor mat in horse area
Running Boards Full length running boards w/ tear-drop fenders
Tie Rings Two inside tie rings and two outside tie rings per horse
Landing Gear 2,000 lbs. top-wind jack w/ wheel
Hitch Safety Breakaway switch w/ battery & slip hook safety chains  
Gravel Guard Treadplate gravel guard 16” high on nose
Exterior Lighting LED brake, running lights and rear load light
Interior Lighting One interior LED light per divider in horse area; One LED light in dressing room
Stall Dividers One padded 7’ divider w/ body, shoulder and head separator
Saddle Rack One saddle rack per horse in dressing room
Tack Items Blanket bar, brush tray, clothes rod and six halter hooks
Warranty 3/8 transferable warranty

Standard Features, Specifications and Available Options subject to change without notice.

  Coupler Type Stalls Width Height Length GVWR Weight Axles
722 ST BP Bumper pull 2H 7'0" 7'8" 12'6" 7,000 LBS 2,760 LBS (2) 3,500 LBS
724 ST BP Bumper pull 2H 7'0" 7'8" 14'0" 7,000 LBS 3,000 LBS (2) 3,500 LBS

Standard Features, Specifications and Available Options subject to change without notice.

  • Option-Brush-Tray
  • Option-Easy-Care-Flooring
  • Option-Exterior-Tie-Ring
  • Option-Goodyear-Tires
  • Option-Graphics-Smooth-Skin
  • Option-Halter-Hooks
  • Option-Hayrack
  • Option-LED-Load-Light
  • Option-Lined-Insulated-Ceiling
  • Option-Lower-Divider
  • Option-Stall-Pads
  • Option-Stop-Turn-Light







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